LaQueezy @Laqueezy Realist nigga in ontario

Y.T.O.D We Make You LAUGH! LADYS*** MUSTWATCH*** Season 1 ep

Y.T.O.D We Make You LAUGH! LADYS*** MUSTWATCH*** Season 1 ep.1

Y.T.O.D Season1 Ep

Y.T.O.D Season1 Ep.7**** JOKES!!!! Diss to T-Scriptz

  • Zavier (red) LaQueezy (Grey)
  • YTOD
  • YTOD
  • Terill (Glasses) Jermaine(Sweatshirt)
  • Jermaine
  • Shemar
  • new member !! Spotlight
  • LaQueezy
  • LaQueezy
  • Laqueezy (Left Side)
  • We Out Here

Welcome to the YTOD Wiki

Y.T.O.D stands for Young Thug Of DeHbout.

we simply do bad things on the streets but not to bad.

we love to mess around in stores as you can see in our video. we love to make people smile and hate our video.

Y.T.O.D started there lil youtube show March 19,2012-

LaQuan is the Ceo & Co-founder of YTOD

Terill Is the Co-Founder

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On May 23, 2012 the Ytod crew has beef with a crew call M.o.e . till this day they are still beefing if you watch YTOD's video on youtube.

On june 10 , 2012 Ytod crew added two new members into the group marico and Tajh.

On July 12,2012 Laqueezy got the word GUGU popular. GUGU means anthing in a bad way, for EXAMPLE BEG,FUCK,SHIT,BITCH,SLUT,DUMB HOE and more.

On September 4th 2012 YTOD Has Sign The youngest member in the crew Marquis Aka Spotlight

Sometime in 2013 Season 2 is coming soon

they also have two bitches in the crew

Laquan Aka Laqueezy age 16

CEO & CO-Founder Of YTOD

Terill age 17

Co-Founder of YTOD 

Jermaine age 16

Tyler aka T-Slaxx Age 17

Dominic age 18

Zavier age 18

Marico age 17

Tajh age 16

Shemar age 16

Marquis age 14

Darren age 17

past members.



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